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Start-up Procedures

  • You have a great idea for a business and are sure that it will be a success. But you aren’t sure how to get started. What kind of organizational structure should you have? How can you create a foundation that will grow easily and smoothly as your organization grows? Yes, you have a great idea and maybe the expertise in your field to create a wonderful business of your own. However, while the idea, the product or service is integral to the core value of your organization, to make it work, you need an appropriate framework from which to build it. How will you market yourself? What about all the planning, the considerations of personnel and financing to ensure that you have a solid start so that the company is designed to sustain itself for years to come.

  • With extensive experience in business development, cultivating successful and thriving businesses, we can help you with all aspects of planning and starting your business off right.

Some of the areas we offer help with are:

  • Development of business plan to present to financing organizations and venture capitalists to help them see your vision and how your organization will prove to be a sound investment for them

  • Identification of your target market, establishment of a marketing program and budget

  • All start-up procedures including human resources management, accounting, benefits and retirement programs, what your employees should expect of you, what you should expect of them

  • Establishing, defining and implementing the organizational structure as a corporation, LLC, etc.

  • Management of all personnel issues in the new territory: recruiting, hiring, training and setting up a foundation of qualified professionals to run your organization

  • Securing and furnishing office space

  • Opening bank accounts and establishing credit

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